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OutPosted monitors your favorite web sites and whenever they change it e-mails the web site to you
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9 February 2011

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Get instant alert about any change in your favorite website via email with OutPosted.
The list of your favorite websites may or may not change from time. But is you wish to keep a close watch on your favorite sites you have to keep checking your sites every now and then. But now no need to browse through all of your favorite websites for checking of any changes in them with this very prompt tool that will email you if any changes occur in the sites. Just feed in the list of your favorite sites in this tool and leave the rest on to this tool that will instantly send the site as e-mail to you if it detects any changes in it. This exclusive tool with its capable interface does not send you only the link to the site or just the notification of change, but you will be provided with the actual web page that is totally formatted and sent to you as an email message.
You will instantly get e-posted details of changed sites with OutPosted that fits best on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

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We all have a list of web sites that are important to us; sites for the software we use, news sites, blogs, etc. While some of these sites change frequently, others remain static for weeks at a time. Visiting all of these sites just to see what's new would take ages, so OutPosted does all of the work for you. Give OutPosted a list of your favorite sites and whenever changes are detected the site is e-mailed to you. Not a link to the site, or a lame "Notification of Change" message, but the actual web page, fully formatted, as an email message!
Version 2.0
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